Home Buyer Checklist

– Find a mortgage broker
– Determine your budget
– Investigate government grants and stamp duty exemptions
– The first home owners grant
– Stamp duty exemption scheme
– Identify the deposits required
– Identify your loan capacity
– Know your expenses and income
– How much can you borrow
– Identify your repayments
– Identify additional costs you will face
– Allow for lender fees, duty, legal and moving costs

– Educate yourself about the different available home loans
– Get loan pre-approval
– Find a solicitor
– Finding your home
– Ask for a contract

– Talk to your solicitor about the details of the contract
– identify what is included
– identify what is excluded
– discuss the exchange process and conveyance.

– Arrange inspections
– building inspections
– pest inspections
– electrical inspections
– strata inspections and
– land/property survey

– Arrange risk report
– Use the risk and building inspection reports when making an offer

– Pay a deposit bond
– Talk to your solicitor about placing a caveat on the property

– Get the offer accepted
– Exchange contracts with solicitors or conveyancer.
– Survey and drainage diagrams will be examined
– Government departments will be written to
– Heritage orders will be inspected
– Council checks will be performed

– Settlement
– Representative meets with the vendor to swap your cheque
with their title of ownership
– Full payment is made.
– Changes are made to property title
– Leans and caveats are applied to the property to include loans
with banks being removed and updated with new owners details.
– Building needs to be insured on exchange of contracts

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