Spring Garden Updates Video Summary

  • 00:32 Revitalize outdoor furniture with paint, repairs, or new cushions to give it a fresh look. Sand and apply oil or stain to aged timber furniture for vibrancy.
  • 01:04 Consider the activities you want to host in your outdoor space to choose the right furniture and features, like an outdoor kitchen or dining area with fans, heaters, and lighting.
  • 02:08 Plan for shade in your garden to make it enjoyable year-round. Portable raised garden beds are ideal for small spaces and can be used on decks or paved areas.
  • 03:10 Sustainable and comfortable outdoor accessories are on-trend. Use solar lights, spotlight garden features, add decorative lighting, and consider outdoor rugs, fans, and patio heaters.
  • 03:48 Plant for spring color with a variety of flowers like daisies, marigolds, violas, lavender, and pansies. Pay attention to height, texture, and color combinations for visual impact.
  • 04:19 Use screening for privacy and to hide unattractive areas in your garden. Choose screens that match your garden style and meet your privacy needs.

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