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Mermaid Waters, Queensland – Wikipedia

    • This article provides an overview of Mermaid Waters, highlighting its geography and the artificial canals and lakes, including the 17-hectare fresh water Lake Hugh Muntz.

Explore Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast | Destination Gold Coast

    • This article showcases various things to do in Mermaid Waters, including Pizzey Park, Pizzey Park Tennis Academy, and the Mermaid Waters Hotel by Nightcap Plus.

Why everyone wants to live in Mermaid Waters –

    • This article discusses the rapid gentrification of Mermaid Waters and how young families and professionals are increasingly attracted to this Gold Coast suburb.

Mermaid Waters – Australias.Guide

    • This article highlights the appeal of Mermaid Waters, a canal community with waterways named Rumrunner Lake and Lake Wonderland. It also mentions the historical significance of the area, named by Australian surveyor John Oxley in 1823.

Things to Do in Mermaid Waters – Tripadvisor

    • This article lists various attractions and activities to do in Mermaid Waters, including a review of the City Cave Mermaid Waters.

Mermaid Waters is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, thriving tourism industry, and vibrant nightlife, and Mermaid Waters is one of its many suburbs that contribute to the area’s reputation.

Mermaid Waters, like many suburbs in the Gold Coast, is characterized by its waterways, and it is located inland from the beach. It is close to Mermaid Beach and Broadbeach, making it a popular residential area for those who want to be near the coast but not right on the beachfront.

The area offers a mix of residential housing, shopping centers, and some recreational areas. It’s a desirable location for many due to its proximity to amenities and the beach, while still offering a more laid-back and residential feel compared to the busier coastal suburbs.

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