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Wentworthville – A Brief History | Parramatta History and Heritage

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  • Summary: Wentworthville is a suburb in Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 27 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region. Wentworthville is part of both the local government areas of the City of Parramatta and the Cumberland Council.

Wentworthville, New South Wales – Wikipedia

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  • Summary: The most common ancestries in Wentworthville were Indian 26.0%, English 9.7%, Australian 9.4%, Chinese 7.1% and Lebanese 3.8%. 35.4% of people were born in Australia. The most common other countries of birth were India 26.5%, Sri Lanka 7.8%, China 4.4%, Philippines 2.0% and Lebanon 1.7%. 30.1% of people only spoke English at home.

Wentworthville Suburb Review & Profile | Sydney Suburb Reviews

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  • Summary: Part of a group of suburbs in Western Sydney that are among some of the fastest-growing in the whole city over recent years, Wentworthville has continued to have its face changed to accommodate all of these extra people. It boasts a number of similarities to Lidcombe a little further to the east, but with more of an Indian-influenced as opposed to Korean-influenced.

Wentworthville, NSW 2145 – Suburb Profile & Local Reviews – Homely

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  • Summary: Wentworthville is one of the best suburbs to live in if one is after practical living with excellent transport connectivity, lots of shopping options, and proximity to schools and hospitals.

Suburb Description

Wentworthville, situated in the heart of New South Wales (NSW), has emerged as a hotspot for property enthusiasts and investors alike. Nestled within the dynamic Western Sydney region, this suburb has witnessed a significant transformation over the past few years, particularly in the realms of property, development, and growth.

Historically, Wentworthville was known for its quaint charm and serene environment. However, with Sydney’s ever-expanding population and the increasing demand for suburban living, Wentworthville has become a focal point for property developers. The suburb offers a unique blend of both urban conveniences and suburban tranquility, making it an attractive proposition for potential homeowners and investors.

One of the most notable aspects of Wentworthville’s property market is its diversity. From modern apartments and townhouses to classic Australian homes with spacious backyards, there’s something for everyone. This variety caters to a broad spectrum of buyers, from first-time homeowners to seasoned property investors.

The growth in Wentworthville is not just limited to residential properties. Commercial development has also seen an uptick. The local shopping precincts have expanded, and there’s a noticeable increase in cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. This commercial growth not only provides residents with more amenities but also boosts the local economy, creating jobs and opportunities.

Infrastructure development has played a pivotal role in Wentworthville’s growth story. Improved public transport links, including train services and bus routes, have made commuting to Sydney’s CBD and other major hubs more accessible. Additionally, the upgrade of local roads and the introduction of community facilities have further enhanced the suburb’s appeal.

Another driving factor behind Wentworthville’s property boom is the influx of young professionals and families. Drawn by the suburb’s affordability compared to inner-city areas, these new residents bring with them a fresh vibrancy and demand for modern living solutions.

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